Sustainability Efforts for Exhibitors at the Health & Fitness Expo

Each year, approximately 10 tons of waste are generated at the Expo/Race.  With your help, nearly 90% of that waste can be donated, composted or recycled!   

Exhibitors are asked to review our mandatory sustainability efforts below. Thank you in advance for helping us be Green!

  • Waste Bins:
    • Waste bin at booth should be used for trash only!
    • Recycling stations are located around perimeter on first floor. Please take items to these stations 
    • Volunteers will also be circulating to help collect recyclable items from your booth
  • Cardboard Boxes
    • Boxes should be broken down and brought to stations near loading dock.  These stations will be clearly marked
  • Plastic: 
    • Girl Scouts will be collecting plastic this year for school competition
    • They will be circulating Saturday to collect plastic from booths
      • If you have too much to keep at your booth, there will be a place near loading dock for plastic - this will go to Girl Scouts as well
  • Food
    • All food items can be composted. Please place food items in compost bins along building perimeter
  • Beverages
    • Please empty beverage containers and recycle them in proper bin
  • Sampling
    • If you plan to sample food/beverage, please follow DC regulations for service ware -- 
    • Some main points:
      • No polystyrene (crumbly foam) containers including cups/bowls/clamshells
      • No single-use non-compostable plastic straws/stirrers
    • We ask you go beyond these requirements and not provide the following as they cannot be recycled: 
      • Non-compostable sampling cups that are less than 2 inches in diameter 
      • Non-compostable utensils
      • Clear polystyrene containers (resin #6)

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful weekend, and for your help with our efforts to be Green!