Goody Bags

Participants: As part of our commitment to sustainability, the Credit Union Cherry Blossom will once again distribute Virtual Goody Bags to all participants. You will get great discounts and coupons from many of our sponsors, without the waste that an actual Goody Bag can generate!


Goodie Bag Inserts

Advertisers: We are pleased to offer our Goody Bag patrons an opportunity to reach the race participants using a Virtual Goody Bag! Unlike the flyer clutter in traditional Goody Bags, the Virtual Goody Bag provides a unique, environmentally-friendly, electronic opportunity to reach runners with an interactive promotion that can include video, audio and more. To see a sample of a Virtual Goodie Bag, Click Here.

To learn more about this opportunity, or to sign up for a spot in our Virtual Goody Bag, please contact Barri Winiarski at