Early Corral Entrant Contest Winners Announced

Due to the construction on the Washington Monument Grounds this year, access to the starting area was more limited this year, so it was essential that we get everyone loaded into their corrals in a timely fashion so the race could start on time. And thanks to those hardy souls who were in their corral position by 6:30 A.M. on race day, things went off without a hitch! Everyone who loaded up by 6:45 A.M. was entered into our Under Armour Early Corral Entrant Contest for great prizes from Under Armour. Congratulations to our winners below - you are going to look great in the new Under Armour gear you can get with your gift cards! To those who entered but weren't chosen, you have our sincere thanks for helping to make this year's Cherry Blossom a success! All winners will be notified by email, and the cards and certificate will be mailed out in the next few days (posted April 17, 2018).


 Bib # Fname Lname
$500 gift certificate
16674 John Martin
$40 gift certificates
16222 Kerry Allen
3800 Sandy Allen-Bard
15325 Shannon Barr
17343 Jennifer Beck
16004 Catherine Bernier
17601 Allison Bernstein
19154 Janis Bryant
22883 Tamara Cella
13739 Julianne Cozzetto
165230 Michael DeCrick
22520 Joseph Duchesneau
14295 Gerald Golden
18946 Oluyai Haynes
18476 Jennifer Hendricks
16752 Kimberly Hinrichsen
19618 Erica Holder
1632 Joshua Huck
213230 Munkhjargal Jamsran
17618 David Jones
4788 Courtney Keplinger
13799 John Llewellyn
15141 Anna MacDougall
16519 Virginia Mason
16916 Kristen Menke
20332 Brittany Morgante
853 Hannah Oneda
2303 David Pritchard
17433 Sheryl Raskin
9690 Mark Rawlings
20533 Cristina Rodarte
537 Noah Rossiter
2107 Paul Ryan
18012 Julia Schickel
19923 Melissa Snyder
13523 John Soss
9291 Katie Stefl
2711 Sean Sullivan
19246 Backhean Tiv
2115 Andrew Urbanski
13866 Gina Waitt