Bag Check

When you pick up your packet at the Health & Fitness Expo on Friday, April 6 or Saturday, April 7, you will also receive a clear plastic bag. The clear plastic bag must be used if you plan to check your belongings at the Bag Check on Sunday, so please save it and bring it with you.   All your belongings must be checked in the clear plastic bag - no exceptions!  No gym bags or backpacks will be accepted at Bag Check.
Ten Mile Run Bag Check:  In order to streamline the Ten Mile Run Bag Check (think shorter lines), the single large Bag Check tent has been broken into smaller tents designated by letters ("A" through "F"). The tents will be located around the perimeter of the Washington Monument on the Constitution Avenue side.

Ten Mile Run Bag Check Opens at: 6:05 A.M.
All Bags Must Be Checked By: 7:10 A.M.
Ten Mile Run Starts at: 7:30 A.M.

Steps to Use Our Bag Check System:

  • You will not be checking your bag based on your bib number - you will be using a new "coat check" system.  
  • Prep your clear bag with your belongings at one of our prep tables located between the Food and Bag Check area of the race staging area. Put some form of note with your name and contact information inside the clear plastic bag.
  • Bring your prepped clear bag to any available Bag Check tent - we suggest the one with the shortest line.
  • Obtain two matching wristbands with a sticker at the end.
  • Secure your bag and then place one wristband through the string at the top of your clear bag.
  • Give your secured bag to a Bag Check volunteer.
  • Place the second wristband on your wrist and the sticker on the back of your race bib.
  • Make note of the tent letter in which you checked your bag. 
  • After you finish the race, return to the same tent where you left your bag. 
  • A Bag Check volunteer will use the information on your wristband and/or the sticker to locate your bag and return it to you.
  • After a Bag Check volunteer returns your bag to you, he/she can assist you to remove the wristband from your wrist.


5K Run-Walk Bag Check: The 5K Bag Check will be in proximity of the 5K Run-Walk start-finish line in a single tent near the Sylvan Theatre on the perimeter of the Washington Monument along the Independence Avenue side.

5K Run-Walk Bag Check Opens at: 7:10 A.M.
5K Run-Walk Starts at: 8:40 A.M.

Steps to Use Our 5K Run-Walk Bag Check System:

  • Follow all of the steps outlined above for the Ten Mile Run Bag Check except your prep tables will be located near the single 5K Run-Walk Bag Check tent.



  • All checked items must fit inside the clear plastic bag and be visible.
  • We cannot accept backpacks and other large items.
  • Your belongings are checked at your own risk.
  • No valuables should be checked.

Bag Check tents close at 11:00 A.M.  Unclaimed bags will be returned to the race office and held for 30 days before being donated or discarded.

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