Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions people often have about the Credit Union Cherry Blossom:

Q: How Do I Enter the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile, 5K or Kids' Run?

A: Prospective entrants will be able to register for the lottery during a 12-day period starting on Tuesday, December 1 and extending through 11:59 P.M. on Saturday, December 12 on the event website, When registering, prospective entrants will complete and submit the entire entry form including the credit card information. However, credit cards will not be charged unless the applicant is selected. The entry fees for 2021 are yet to be determined but will be posted here as soon as they become available. (Please note that pre-registration is required for the 2021 Kids’ Run, but it will be held on a first-come, first-served basis and will open in mid-January 2021. The Kids’ Run is limited to 500 entrants.)

Q: What is a "Lottery Group"?

A: Lottery Groups: The lottery will be able to handle “Lottery Groups” of up to 10 people. This is designed to allow families and other groups either to get into the race or not get into the race as a “Lottery Group.” Each “Lottery Group” has exactly the same chance of getting in as each single individual. The first person in a “Lottery Group” will set up the group, give it a name and register himself or herself as the first member of the Lottery Group. When subsequent members go to register, they will be able to affiliate with that “lottery Group” by using a drop down menu on the registration form. Please note that no additional members can be added to a “Lottery Group” after the lottery period closes.  The “Lottery Groups” exist only for purposes of entering the lottery. Once the lottery is held, the “Lottery Groups” are disbanded. Lottery Groups may consist of runners entered in both the 10 Mile and the 5K Run-Walk. The event the runner who creates the Lottery Group registers for will determine if the Lottery Group is entered into the 10 Mile Run or 5K Run-Walk lottery. If the Lottery Group is accepted into the race, then each individual Lottery Group member will then be entered into the race that they, as an individual, signed up for.

Example: Runners A, B and C decide to try to enter as a Lottery Group. Runners A and C want to run the 5K Run-Walk, and Runner B wants to enter the 10 Mile. Runner A creates the Lottery Group ABC. Runners A, B and C then fill out the registration form for the race of their choice, selecting the Lottery Group called ABC from the drop down menu when they register. Because Runner A set up the Lottery Group and registered for the 5K Run-Walk, the Lottery Group is entered into the 5K Run-Walk Lottery. When the Lottery drawing is done, Lottery Group ABC is selected, and Runners A and C are officially entered in the 5K Run-Walk, and Runner B is entered into the 10 Mile Run.

Q: Can I change my t-shirt size?

A: Yes, but only until 11:59 P.M. on February 28. After that you will have to wait until the Expo and go to the t-shirt exchange there. We can't guarantee the size that you want will be available. but it is the best place to try.

Q: How do I change to the 5K?

A: If you are entered into the 10 Mile Run and wish to switch to the 5K Run-Walk, fill out the Race Switch Form. There is no refund of the difference between the Ten Mile Run entry fee and the 5K Run-Walk entry fee. Runners entered into the 5K Run-Walk cannot switch to the 10 Mile Run.

Q: Can a friend pick up my packet at the Expo, and if so what do they need to bring?

A: A note from you (an email is fine) and ID for THEMSELVES. They do NOT need an ID from you. IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT send the note authorizing someone to pick up your packet to us at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom. The person picking up your packet should bring the note (a printout of an email is fine) with them to the Expo!

Q: I didn't order a medal, can I get one?

A: Yes, but only through 11:59 P.M. on February 28 (a link will be posted here in early January for those who wish to purchase additional items until February 28). After February 28, if we have unclaimed medals they will be offered for sale on the website after race day. No enhanced medals may be ordered after February 28, and none are available after race day.