Getting to the Race

Due to Metro's "SafeTrack" program, all early morning openings for Washington, DC's Metro subway have been cancelled. This means Metro transportation to the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile and 5K Run Walk will not be available between 5:00 A.M. and 7:00 A.M. on Sunday, April 2. Metro will be available for returning from the race.

The organizing committee is looking into a number of alternative transportation options, including exploring ties with Uber and Lyft, identifying available parking lots in the area, enhancing the bike valet parking and encouraging more people to stay downtown on Saturday night.

Once the lottery is completed, we will survey our accepted entrants in January to determine what transportation options are most likely to be used.

Why Can't We Move the Starting Time Later?

Many people have asked why we cannot move our 7:30 A.M. starting time later like the Marine Corps Marathon did in 2016 and the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and Half Marathon are doing in 2017. (Note that the 7:00 A.M. starting time of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon was not moved; the half marathon time could be moved up to 8:30 A.M. because the streets are permitted to be closed for the entire marathon  -- so the half marathon can start later and still finish before the streets reopen after the marathon.) We, however, are under stringent time regulations set by the National Park Service because our event takes place in the heart of the National Cherry Blossom Festival at the time of expected peak bloom of the cherry blossoms, which is one of the city's busiest tourism periods of the year. The needs of our runners need to be balanced with the needs of hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world who want to visit the Memorials during this special time of year.