Guaranteed Entries from 2020

Entry Instructions

The 2021 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run and 5K Run-Walk will be held on Sunday, April 11, 2021.

On Monday, January 4, 2021 we will open registration for for our nearly 12,000 individuals who deferred their 2020 entries to the 2021 event instead of taking a refund. Individuals who deferred will receive a Guaranteed Entry Link to a form that they will complete with uniquely identifying information. This will generate an entry form for them to enter the 2021 race. Note that those with guaranteed entries still have to pay the prevailing entry fee for whichever race you choose:

10 Mile: $50 (plus online registration fee)
5K: $40 (plus online registration fee)

We will accept Guaranteed Entry Links until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 31. No Guaranteed Entry Links or lottery registrations will be accepted after this date. Once this registration period is closed, those who registered with Guaranteed Entry Links will be accepted into the race.

A Word on COVID-19

Due to the cancellation of the race last year and the continuing restrictions brought on by COVID-19, we are going to do things a bit differently this year. At the moment, we are hoping to conduct the 2021 event in-person under whatever COVID-19 restrictions may be in place at the time. Ideally, there will be a vaccine in wide enough distribution for the event to take place exactly as in the past. More likely, there will be some sort of social-distancing requirements still in effect with which we will comply. These safeguards may cause us to limit the size of the field, to shorten the distance of the race in order to allow more time for socially-distanced runners to start, or to start the race earlier than in the past. We are actively reviewing models using these variables to see what a safe race might look like.

Of course, changes in the COVID-19 environment could force us to cancel or postpone the in-person race after we start accepting entries on January 4. If the in-person event is cancelled, all registered participants will have their entries transferred over to the Virtual Run. If the event is postponed, registered participants will remain registered for the rescheduled date.

We plan to take a hard look at the COVID-19 environment and evaluate the feasibility of conducting an in-person race in late December with a go or no-go decision by December 31, 2020.

Race Cancellation Due to COVID-19

This is what will happen if the 2021 in-person race is cancelled due to COVID-19 and replaced with a Virtual Run after 2021 entries have been accepted: 

All individuals who deferred from the 2020 race and entered the 2021 race with a Guaranteed Entry Link will be deferred to the 2022 race, plus they will have the same options for the 2021 race as those accepted through the 2021 lottery as outlined below.

If COVID-19 forces us to cancel the race after registration has begun, runners accepted into the 2021 race - either by deferral or through the lottery - will have three options:

  1. A full refund of your entry fee of $50 for the ten mile and $40 for the 5K Run-Walk (with options to have your shirt and medal ordered shipped to you for $10, or available for pick-up at the race office, warehouse or at select Potomac River Running locations).
  2. Direct transfer of your entry into the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Virtual Run with shirts and medals mailed at no additional charge. As a note, the Virtual Run will be open to registrants who did not register for the in-person Ten Mile or 5K Run-Walk as well. The Virtual Run entry fee will be $40, which will include having a t-shirt and a medal shipped to participants.
  3. Donation of your entry fee to Children's Miracle Network and free shipping of any medals or shirts ordered.

We are investigating the possibility of moving the race to the fall. Should that become possible, we will revisit the options for deferrals at that time.