Cherry Blossom Merchandise

The online Merchandise store is open. If you didn't get what you wanted at the Expo, look for it here! Upgrade and standard t-shirts are now being offered for sale, as are 10 mile Medals.

We are also now offering 5K Medals, but Please Note: We have had to reorder 5K medals and they will not be in stock until sometime around May 15. We will ship them out when they arrive, but those who pre-ordered medals and were not able to get them at the race because we ran out will have priority. After we have sent those out, we will send out medals to those who order them from this page. It is likely that we will have plenty, but in case you order a medal here and we do run out, we will of course refund your money.

Click here for Shipping Rates

Click Here to go to the Merchandise Store Now.

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates for the most part depend on the cost of the merchandise ordered:

$0 - $9.99 ordered: Shipping = $3
$10 - $60.99 ordered: Shipping = $12
$61 - $150.99 ordered: Shipping = $15
$151 - $500 ordered Shipping = FREE!

The following items carry no shipping charges:

Credit Union Cherry Blossom Patch
Credit Union Cherry Blossom Magnet
Credit Union Cherry Blossom Car Coasters
Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ornaments

The shipping charge for a Finisher Medal, whether for the 10 Mile or the 5K, is $4.00.