Team Composition Requirements

Corporate, Government, Military, Embassy, Media, Educational and Credit Union Teams

These are mixed teams of men and women consisting of three to five persons. A minimum of three runners must finish in order for the team to be scored and at least one scoring runner of each team must be of each sex (i.e. no all-men's or all-women's teams). Except for Credit Union teams and Educational teams (see below), all team members must be full-time employees (30 hours per week or more) of the corporation or agency. Government agencies, media, law firms, non-profit businesses, Armed Forces members from a single base (e.g., Fort Belvoir), etc. are eligible. Credit Union team members must be members of the credit union putting together the team. Educational teams can be employees, students or graduates of the same educational institution.

Running Club Teams

In the Open Men’s and Open Women’s divisions, these are single sex teams consisting of three to five persons. In the Mixed Masters division, these are mixed teams of three to five men and women 40-years-of-age or older. Club teams may be assembled from RRCA or USATF clubs, other registered running clubs, YMCAs, school teams, etc., but must all be members of the same club.

Washington Metropolitan Area Elite Team

This is a single-sex, open team competition designed to provide an opportunity for truly elite teams from local running clubs and running retail stores to compete head-to-head in the Open Men’s and Open Women’s divisions. A $1,000 prize will be awarded to the top men’s and top women’s team in this division. Local is defined as a person residing for at least the past two months in Washington, D.C.; Montgomery, Prince George’s or Howard counties in Maryland; Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William or Loudoun counties in Virginia; and Alexandria or Fairfax cities in Virginia.

Note: Multiple teams may enter from the same company, credit union, government agency, running club, or running store, etc. For fairness, the Team Coordinator reserves the right to limit the number of teams from a single entity and to evaluate team eligibility. His decisions are final. No "pick up" teams are allowed.