Team Scoring and Awards


Team scoring is based on the sum of the official finishing times of the first three eligible finishers on the team as recorded by the MYLAPS Bib Tag. Except for the single-sex teams in the male and female open Running Club divisions and the male and female Washington Metropolitan Area Elite divisions, at least one runner of each sex must finish and be included in the team score.  For example, if the team's finisher order is Joe, Fred, John, Mary, and Steve, the team's score will be computed by adding Joe's, Fred's, and Mary's official times. Teams in each division will be ranked in ascending order of times (i.e., lowest aggregate time wins). In case of a tie based on the sum of the times of the scoring team members, the final scoring team member with the faster time will break the tie.


Team awards will be presented to the top six teams in the Corporate (for-profit and non-profit), Government, Military, Embassy, Media, Educational Institution and Credit Union divisions and the top six teams in the Open Men's and Open Women's Running Club divisions. Awards will be given to the top three teams in the Running Club Mixed Masters division and the Men's and Women's Washington Metropolitan Area Elite Team divisions. In addition, $1,000 in prize money will be awarded to the first place men’s and women’s team in the Washington Metropolitan Area Elite Team division.  Please note that team awards will not be given out on race day in order to allow team finishers to be verified. This is necessary due to excessive number switching and selling.