All About T-Shirts and Medals

Please select the link below that best describes your situation:

I Ran the 5K but Did Not Receive My Medal Because the Event Ran Out. We now have a list of individuals who pre-ordered a medal but did not receive a 5K Run-Walk medal on race day. If that is you, please be sure to look at the list and make sure you are on it. The shortage of 5K medals was caused by an unexpectedly large number of individuals who had purchased 10 mile medals and were expecting to run the 10 Mile, but who changed their minds on race day and ran the 5K. We placed a new medal order immediately after race day, and those should be received by May 15. We will send them directly to you immediately upon receipt. Don't worry, next year we will factor in a large number of last-minute switches into our order!

I Want to Request My Pre-Ordered T-Shirt and/or Medal that I was unable to pick up at the Health and Fitness Expo. We will ship your pre-ordered items to you for $6. Just Click Here and fill out the form that will appear.

I Want to Order a Finisher Medal, Standard T-Shirt or Upgrade Shirt, which I did not previously order. We have 10 mile medals and both upgrade and standard t-shirts for sale in the Merchandise Store. We are also now offering 5K Medals, but Please Note: We have had to reorder 5K medals and they will not be in stock until sometime around May 15. We will ship them out when they arrive, but those who pre-ordered medals and were not able to get them at the race because we ran out will have priority. After we have sent those out, we will send out medals to those who order them from this page. It is likely that we will have plenty, but in case you order a medal here and we do run out, we will of course refund your money.