Ten Mile Run Corral Seeding Times

YELLOW CORRAL 45:00 - 1:13:45*

RED CORRAL 1:13:46* - 1:23:00*

BLUE CORRAL 1:23:01* - 1:30:00*

ORANGE CORRAL 1:30:01* - 1:40:00*

GREEN CORRAL 1:40:01* - 1:53:00*

PURPLE CORRAL 1:53:00* - 2:20:00*

* Runners who submitted times equal to the exact time associated with the break times for each corral are randomly placed into the faster or slower corrals (i.e. a runner with a submitted time of 1:31:34 could be placed into either the BLUE corral or in the ORANGE corral). We are unable to reassign runners to different corrals at this point. If you are concerned about being in a slower corral, just enter the corral for your assigned color early so you can position yourself at the front end of your wave. Due to the wave start runners in the first quarter of each wave will have better running room than those near the back. People who want to run with friends in a different corral must line up in the corral of the slowest individual (i.e. a RED corral runner wanting to run with an ORANGE corral runner must line up in the ORANGE corral).