Virtual Training Program Presented by Under Armour - Signup

Thanks to Under Armour, the Credit Union Cherry Blossom is offering a FREE virtual training program to prepare runners for the 2018 Ten Mile Run.

The Virtual Training Program Presented by Under Armour is designed by Coach Kirt West, and will begin on January 29, 2018. There are three programs:

  • Beginner Program - for the non-runner and the occasional runner who runs less than twice a week
  • Intermediate Program - for any runner who has successfully completed a 5K or 10K race in the past year or any runner who consistently runs 2-3 miles a day three or four times per week in the past year
  • Advanced Program - for serious runners who average at least 20-25 miles per week and who do a weekly long run

Still not sure which program to sign up for, or just need more details about the program?
Visit our VT Program FAQ!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you signed up for a Virtual Training Program when you registered for the race, you don't need to sign up again here.



You will be able to switch programs if once you get started you feel you should be in a different program level. All three programs work the same way: you will receive a daily email with that day's workout and offering tips and suggestions as you prepare.

All of the programs can be strenuous, so all participants should get a doctor's approval before beginning one of these programs.